Digestive system

Have you ever wanted to find out about the human digestive system?

Well On monday the 9th of may 2016 we were going to go to the hall and we are having an incursion. At the start the woman that that was teaching us said that plants get their nutrients and fibre from the sun and the rain, but humans get theres from food and water. She gave us a lollie and we had to pud it on our taste buds and we started to chew it and we swallowed it. We had starburst lollies they were really yummy and i got a lime green one. Then she told us about the digestive system and how it works and all the parts that make it work. After all that cool stuff we were gonna play a game, you had a ping pong ball and a stocking and we had to push it down and well we’re doing it  we said peristalsis.

We were so close to winning but unfortunately we lost. But it was still very fun the team that won got an extra jelly babie. We went back to our tables and we were doing an experiment about soggy bread. We pud the bread in a plastic bag and pud water in it. The incursion was nearly finished and it was a really good time.

By Isaac Deayton

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