Botanical gardens


On monday the 15th of august we were on our to the botanical gardens. When we got there we had our recess then we played on the nice and shiny grass and we played NFL i scored 3 tries and our team won for recess. We were now going to go to do lots of activities they were all indigenous activities. We started to do a smoke ceremony we all had some sticks to bang while we did it. After that we did weeding and we had to do do it with a partner i was with leonardo. It was time to go back to the bus to go to federation square where the koorie heritage trust people will  take us through a tour. On the way there we saw 3 maserati’s 1 lamborghini veneno and 4 porsche’s. When we got into the building he took us outside and he showed us some shields that protected the trees. A few minutes later he showed us a sugar tree, so when you shook it sugar came off it. Then we went inside to go and see what indigenous australians where’d as cloths. WE got to touch real possum skin it was really soft and furry. Then it was time to go home it was such a fun day at botanical gardens and fed square.