Another point of view- The Wolf’s point of view from Little Red Riding hood


The wolf’s point of the story is to try to tell the Grandma to stop hiring people to cut down all of the trees.

But she didn’t listen and the I was really angry! I went to Grandma’s house and  put the Grandma in the cupboard. When Little Red Riding Hood went to the house I tried to tell Little Red Riding Hood to stop cutting down all of the trees but the wood cuter came in and chopped my head off! Life is unfair!

How to make a football ground


How to make a Football ground

My goal is to make a football ground out of 2 card board boxes.


Green paint, white paint, 2 card boards’ boxes, sizes, and sticky tape.

Step 1.

Get your 2 boxes and cut an oval shape with your scissors.

Step 2.

Get the green paint and paint the oval


Get the white paint and paint all of the lines that a football ground has.

Step 4.When it has dried you can start.

Step5. Get the yellow paint and paint the lights is if you want lights.

By Isaac

The amazing zoo



One day at the amazing zoo it was strange. Animals could talk so the zoo keepers closed the zoo.

So Alex the lion, Isaac the leopard and Jonathan the King cobra had a meeting.

They said ‘We need them to open the gates again!’

Isaac said ‘We need them to not notice us talk.’ So they stoped talking for a long time. At the amazing zoo, the zoo keepers looked again and the animals were not talking so the zoo keeper opened the gates again. By Isaac